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Germany address, mail forwarding and package shipping from Germany

PROBLEM: Many German retailers do not ship internationally.
SOLUTION: Address Germany.com gives you a shipping address in Germany for only 10€ of  lifetime membership for unlimited package forwarding , no setup fee no monthly payment and allows you to receive items from any German company. Address Germany.com ships package from Germany to your home address in over 210 countries worldwide. Our package forwarding and package consolidation service saves you international shipping costs with our global shipping partner DHL . We provide overseas freight air, pallett and sea forwarding service in demand.
PROBLEM: I would like to receive my mail from Germany, German magazines and commercial catalogs but Deutsche Post does not forward globally.
SOLUTION: Address Germany.com provides you a German post box and allows you to receive mails, letters , magazines. Then Address Germany.com forwards your German mail, PO box to your home address. Our mail forwarding service enables you to receive German mail, private, governmental or business letters and documents. We serve companies as their contact address in Germany.
PROBLEM: Many German retailers accept only German bank account transactions.
SOLUTION: Address Germany.com buys items for you from these retailers using our personal shopper service. Using this method AddressGermany.com allows you to purchase items from Amazon Germany or any other German retailer.With Personal Shopper service , we do not purchase or shop from Ebay.de, join an auction or buy used items from any seller. You can pay Address Germany.com by Visa or Mastercard.
PROBLEM: Most people want to buy high-quality German products but can not read German.
SOLUTION: Address Germany.com refers most quality German products in our  Germany shopping page. As a result you can buy top quality German brands directly from the source and save money, without having to learn German to understand your purchase. If you like , we may send free invitation for private shopping clubs where you can shop top international brands up to 70% cheaper then ship to your purchases directly to your door worldwide with a tracking number to monitor your package online.

Customer Testimonials

Our first transaction with Address Germany was fast and efficient and their shipping cost to us here in Canada was right in line with what the DHL web site indicated.
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Elisabeth
Added Dec 10, 2015
Highly recommended. Very accurate and fast communications, solid packaging and very fast shippings.
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Olli Uimonen
Added Nov 29, 2015
Accurate, fast, reliable and friendly. In a word, the best personal shopper service ever seen. Recommended!
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Stefano
Added Oct 19, 2015
I live in Belgium and most German retailers don't deliver here. Now with addressgermany I can (pre-)order all the things I need.
Shipment is superfast and on the same day as arrival, service is excellent!
Most packages arrive in Belgium in 2 days time max using DHL premium.
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Geert De Brakeleer
Added May 13, 2015
Highly recommended. Perfect in communications, packaging and very fast shippings.

If you are thinking in work or not with this company, no doubts!!
5 / 5 stars

Added Jan 30, 2015
Warm wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very happy New Year! May the coming year be as prosperous and profitable as the previous one! Thanks for good support. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Dmytro
Added Dec 31, 2014
Thank you for this wonderful service,
I can tell you that I received your shipment to Saudi Arabia within 4 days after shipping.
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Saleh Alzhrani
Added Dec 9, 2014
Been a customer for almost two years now and have never been dissappointed. Fastest shipping I have had yet!Awesome communication and handling too!
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Juma Kevin
Added Oct 6, 2014
Really fast service! Awesome people who do their best to make things work.
I would never be able to buy what I needed if I could not find adressgermany.com.

Thank you!
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Vanessa
Added Sep 30, 2014
Efficient service and delivery. I know I can rely on them to meet my expectations.
{X}{X}{X}{X}{X} Lauren
Added Sep 22, 2014