Mail forwarding from Germany and your German post box

mail forwarding Germany

We provide a German post office box to our corporate clients for mail, letters, catalogs and more. These are directly delivered to you no matter where you are in the world with our fast, convenient and inexpensive mail forwarding service.

Please note, however, that government letters are excluded from this mail forwarding service. In Germany, using another mailing address for one’s official residence is prohibited and as such, forwarding can only be done by the Deutsche Post. However, if you wish to have your government letters forwarded internationally, we can provide an alternative method to help you receive your important documents.

Please register first with Deutsche Post`s Nachsende service at the following web address:

Deutsche Post offers mail forwarding services for a maximum of six months, with an optional 25€ six month extension for private clients in Germany. However, Deutsche Post will not serve you if your redirected address is outside of Germany. If this is the case, you must register with Deutsche Post for this international mail forwarding service and provide our post box address as your new mail forwarding address in Germany.   Address will then receive your government letters and forward them to your actual international address. At the request of our corporate members, we can even scan government letters and send them to you via email in urgent cases so you will not have to wait for them to arrive via our international mail forwarding service. The original documents will follow shortly in your consolidated package with your purchased items. We pride ourselves on having the ability to treat our customer’s legal documents with the utmost respect and privacy and commit to keeping these documents safe and confidential until we ship them out directly to you with our international mail forwarding service.

At our goal is to bring Germany’s best to your front door. We understand your needs as a consumer of fine German products and wish to extend our mail forwarding from Germany to you no matter if you are looking to receive a magazine subscription, German delicacies that cannot be found outside of the country or your important legal documents from the government. We look forward to serving you!