Package forwarding from Germany and parcel shipping service

package forwarding Germany

Although the high quality and workmanship of German products are renowned all across the world, most consumers are unable to actually acquire any of these goods. German retailers rarely ship internationally, and even if they do it is not guaranteed that anything but a German bank account transaction will be accepted as payment. Address Germany’s international package forwarding service provides its members with a valid shipping address in Germany so you can buy high-quality German products online and off wherever they are sold, eliminating the difficulties of purchasing top-tier German-made items from retailers. You won’t need to find a retailer who ships internationally; we take care of that for you.

Address members have access to our shipping address in Germany for package forwarding. All purchases are stored in our secure warehouse at your shipping address in Germany for a maximum of 30 days. Each month we consolidate all of your purchased items into a single shipment. In addition to the incredible convenience this international package forwarding service offers, it also saves you the prohibitive international shipping costs of having each package sent out individually.

We are also proud to provide custom solutions for your online sales business. If you are an Ebay user who only sells in Germany we can help you to significantly build your business by becoming an international seller. In addition to this, our Apple and Amazon package forwarding service is the perfect tool to help you become a consumer of excellent German products or start your own international sales business.

Please note that we require a scan of a passport or personal ID for verification purposes from each user. Our package forwarding and personal shopping services are only for verified members. Simply email a picture of your passport or personal ID after you register with us and we will take care of all authentication duties so you can get started with our package forwarding services.

Consider our services for your package forwarding from Germany needs. From grocery store items like curry ketchup to products that convey the excellence of the finest German engineering, we look forward to sending you all your favorite and most beloved items from Germany!