Personal Shopper and Private Shopping Service in Germany

Personal Shopper Germany

When it comes to German retailers, the vast majority does not accept international credit cards for payment or have an English version of their web site. Because of this, non-German speakers are often unable to find products, understand the purchasing process or complete a purchase with their preferred form of payment. Address is here to help our customers and personal shoppers overcome these purchase restraints as well as open up international markets to German retailers.

So, how does it work?

An online account at Address allows members to inform us about the products they wish to purchase by simply completing our order form. By using our personal shopper service, we can purchase your requested items via our German bank account transaction (Bankeinzug) and sell it to you for only 10% more to cover our costs. Your order will then be shipped to you immediately.

Address Germany can buy any item online that is produced or sold online by a legal German company. Our popular personal shopper service receives many requests every day. Please check our prohibited items list before trying our private shopping service.

Many of our users request items from German businesses and websites such as Hugo Boss, and  . Unfortunately, H&M or requests are not part of our personal shopping service.

At Address Germany we provide quick, efficient and pleasant customer service. We are able to address your requests speedily so we can purchase your requested items. Our price formula is very simple: your total price will reflect the item price + the shipping cost to our office + our small, personal shopping service fee of 10%.

Are you ready to begin? Please email us your personal shopping list with below information, minimum shopping limit is 50€.

  1. The item URL

  2. The quantity you would like

  3. The size of the item (if applicable)

  4. The price of the item or items